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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any doubt? Surely some of our guests have had it before. If not, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Basic Information

Is there WIFI available?

We have in WIFI connection. This is a paid service, the cost which will depend on the number of days of connection you want.

Are we allowed to use a barbecue?

It is allowed the use of barbecues, both charcoal, electric or gas (the latter two are the most preferable). We do not have a specific area for barbecues, nor do we provide them, nor do we offer the rental service.

In low season, what services are offered?

In low season, and in accordance with the rates, NOT ALL all services that we offer (both those included in the price and those of payment) are available to our clients. The opening and closing of services will always be based on the occupation and available staff, therefore we cannot establish specific dates. Even so, the minimum services will be at your disposal and the others may be closed or with more limited schedules. With regard to animation, our entertainment team organizes a lot of activities for all ages, from opening day until the end of the season. The schedules offered in their program are mostly the same throughout the season, but the number and variety of activities is less in low season. At least you will be able to enjoy the Mini-Club, sports competitions for teenagers and adults, the Mini-Disco and the night shows.

What are the established rest hours?

According to our internal regulations, it is established that between 00:00 and 07:00 in the morning it is not allowed to make noise and customers are asked to moderate the volume of electronic devices.

Are there traffic restrictions?

Yes, during the rest hours between 00:00 and 07:00 in the morning it is not allowed to circulate in the entire enclosure. Only authorized employees may do so. If you need to access or leave the campsite during this time slot, you must leave your vehicle in the parking lot located in front of the reception.


Can we receive visitors during my stay?

Visits are not accepted at Camping Valldaro, but we offer the option to purchase a day pass for a specific date. The day pass can only be purchased online (click here). Availability depends on resort occupancy to oversee capacity at all times. Day passes are limited and availability may vary from time to time. Day pass is valid from 10am to 8pm and is not allowed to drive in with the car inside the campsite.


How late are the Check-in and Check-out ?

On your arrival day, the accommodation will be available starting at 5 pm. Arrival at the campsite is permitted from 1 pm and you can use all our facilities while waiting for the accommodation to be ready. Arrivals after 9 pm need to make the registration process in advance through our Online Check-in system. On your departure day, the accommodation must be vacated before 10 am. If you wish, you can continue to enjoy our facilities and services until 1 pm. maximum.

Can the maximum capacity of people in an accommodation be exceeded?

For security reasons, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the number of occupants provided for the type of accommodation booked. A baby or child counts as an occupant.

Do the bungalows include sheets and towels?

Yes, bed linen and towels are included. For stays of more than 7 days, clean bed linen and towels are provided. However, please note that the change is made on the fifth day. Therefore, if you wish to make any changes before the date, there will be an additional charge according to the current rates.

Can I add more people than are currently in my reservation?

Companions can be added before or after check-in. The persons are billed from the first to the last day, regardless of whether they physically spend the night or not. Changing companions during the stay is not allowed. The maximum number of bracelets they can receive cannot exceed the total capacity of the contracted accommodation.

Can I choose my accommodation number?

With the booking of a bungalow you have included an unnumbered parking space inside the campsite in a communal area. We have also a free parking area outside the campsite.


How late are the Check-in and Check-out?

On the day of arrival, the pitch will be at your disposal from 13.00 hours. This is also the time of entry to the campsite. For arrivals after 21.00 hours, you must register in advance via our online registration system. On the day of departure, the pitch and the campsite must be vacated by 13.00 hours. An extra night will be charged for later departures.

Can the maximum capacity of people on a pitch be exceeded?

The maximum occupancy per pitch is 6 people, including children and babies. A maximum number of bracelets corresponding to the capacity can be provided (6). Accompanying persons will be billed from the first contracted day to the last, regardless of whether they physically stay overnight. No change of companions is allowed during the stay.

Are the bathrooms adapted?

Yes, in all of our sanitary buildings there are adapted bathrooms and showers for people with reduced mobility.

Do you need an adapter for the light sockets?

In the plots A Standard, A Premium, C Standard and C Premium is not necessary an adapter. For the plots B Standard and B Premium Plus is necessary an adapter CETAC.

How many ampers has the light sockets?

The electrical connection of the plots is 10 amps.


Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed on all pitches. Pets are only allowed in the Thalassa Apartment. Animals of dangerous breeds are not allowed. See the list here (click here).

Can they access all the facilities?

Dogs are not allowed in playgrounds, swimming pools, supermarkets, reception, sanitaris and inside bars and restaurants. You can take your dog with you outdoors, on the terraces of bars and restaurants.

In which accommodations are pets allowed?

Pets are only allowed in the apartamentsThalassa.


What are the bracelets for?

At Camping Valldaro, every guest, young and old, receives a personally registered bracelet, the bracelets identify you and your family as a guest at the Resort. They are mainly used to access your accommodation and the Dolfi Water Park. Wearing the bracelet is mandatory, otherwise access to the Resort may be refused. You can also charge the chip in the bracelet with money.

My child does not like a bracelet, should he / she really wear it?

Yes, it is important that the bracelets are worn by everyone except babies. The bracelet is extra multifunctional for children, because the bracelet is registered with a reservation and we can read the bracelet at all times, for example when a child has lost his parents, so that the parents of the child can be quickly found and contacted.

Rentings and services

Is it possible to rent a fridge during my stay on a pitch?

Yes, we offer refrigerator rentals for 8 euros/day. When making your reservation for a pitch, you can immediately click the tick to rent your refrigerator. If you want to add a refrigerator to your reservation later, that is also possible, send an email to with your booking number and the dates that you want to reserve the refrigerator. Of course it is also possible to do this upon arrival at the reception, but keep in mind that there is a limited stock of fridges available and there may not be free for the period.

Can we reserve the tennis/paddle courts?

Yes, the courts can be booked per hour. You can rent the courts and equipment if you need it. The price during the day is 10 euros per hour on the tennis court and 20 euros per hour on the padel court. During the night the price rises to 11 euros for the tennis court and 24 euros for paddle the padel. Padel rackets cost 2 euros each and free for tennis ones. Balls are included.